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Trinity Partners RunningWorks 12-Hour Run to End Homelessness

On Wednesday, June 5, RunningWorks is hosting our 4th annual 12-Hour Run to End Homelessness, presented by Trinity Partners. Each year, we host this event on Global Running Day, which is a day when people around the world celebrate the sport of running and raise awareness of important causes impacting their communities.

RunningWorks has been dedicated to eradicating homelessness in our community since 2012, so on Wednesday, June 5, from 6am – 6pm in Uptown Charlotte (Thomas Polk Park), RunningWorks staff, volunteers, community members and clients, will be running, jogging, walking, skipping (or what ever keeps us moving) one-mile loops to raise awareness and financial support to combat homelessness and poverty.

12-Hour Run to End Homelessness Fundraising Challenge

Thousands of men, women and children go without shelter in our community each night. No one deserves to go without shelter, and each of us has the power to create change, including you! Please consider joining us in our efforts to make a difference in the community by participating in our inaugural 12-Hour Run to End Homelessness Fundraising Challenge!

This fundraising challenge will include both individuals and teams as they seek to help RunningWorks reach a goal of raising $56,000, which will allow us to provide housing and wrap around services to 7 deserving RunningWorks Team Members for one year. We also have a goal of running/walking 1,000 total miles during the 12-hour timeframe!

By joining the challenge, each individual and team will set two goals:

1. Financial goal – how much money can you as an individual or team raise?

-$1,000 will provide one Team Member transportation for the entire year to get to work, medical appointments and attend the RunningWorks program. If an individual found 40 people to donate $25, that would equate to $1,000

-$8,000 covers the housing needs and wrap around services for one RunningWorks Team Member for one year. If a team of 20 could each get 20 people to donate $20, that would equate to $8,000


2. Mileage goal – how many miles will you as an individual or team run/walk in the 12-hour timeframe?

-Keep in mind people can come and go throughout the 12-hour time period to accumulate miles to reach mileage goal. This does not have to be 12 hours of straight running and walking.

Individual/Team Benefits:

-Personalized fundraising page and donation link

-RunningWorks Team Member assigned to help run/walk additional miles to reach your mileage goal

-Water and snacks provided throughout the event

-Dry fit performance shirt and sunglasses for each member when fundraising reaches $75 per participant

Steps to Join the Challenge:

1. CLICK HERE to create your fundraising page

2. Submit the Fundraising Challenge Form and wait for official approval and link to personalized fundraising page

3. Review fundraising page and make any edits as necessary


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